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Outdated Medical Terminology

Over time, many disease names have changed. Below is a list of some of the old terms that you may come across and their current names.

Outdated Medical TermCurrent Medical Term
bad bloodsyphilis
blood poisoningsepticemia (overwhelming bacterial infection
Bright's Diseaseglomerulonephritis (serious kidney disease)
consumptiontuberculosis, pulmonary
cretinismhypothyroidism, congenital
dropsycongestive heart failure
fatty livercirrhosis
glandular fevermononucleosis
grippeinfluenza (flu)
jail fevertyphus
lock jawtetanus
lung feverpneumonia
lung sicknesstuberculosis
plague/black deathBubonic plague
Pott's diseasetuberculosis of the spinal vertebrae
quinsystreptococcal tonsillitis
scrofulatuberculosis of the neck lymph nodes
toxemia of pregnancyeclampsia (high blood pressure & seizures)

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